How investing in your growth & recovery can step up your game.

Your life as a sportsperson will be a roller-coaster ride. You could be at the top of your game today, and be injured & out tomorrow. It is easy to get lost amidst the hype and forget the essentials for continuous growth. To keep that fire alive year after year is what is going to differentiate you from the rest. You can’t just decide this is enough for me and stop trying to be better. Remaining relevant and competitive in this fast-moving world of sports is  no easy task. And you can’t predict it all, but you can take actions to ensure a better unfolding tomorrow. Because, failing to prepare, is preparing to fail. 

Time & money are two of the resources of the utmost value. Spending it right can take you far in your career. But not doing so, may actually cost you        missed opportunities, physical & mental distress, and money itself. How? The time spent on rehabilitation due to careless injuries could have been spent playing, improving and thriving. So many of the common sports injuries can be avoided with proper sports recovery. We know better than to take our bodies for granted. Yet, we often miss acting on it. 


By not bettering yourself, you miss out on opportunities you may not currently be ready for. Not improving will result in the loss of potential gain, which will cause stagnancy, and that, in turn, will end in missed opportunities. You must always be chasing your peak performance. And have a goal to be bigger than your current standing on your mind.

Professional athletes, far too often end up going down one downhill path or the other. Either they work excessively with no proper rest & recovery, to the point of straining themselves; or don’t push themselves hard enough. Both are bad. The balance between growth and recovery is the key element here. You need to train intensely to advance, but you need to rest just as much. If you had a solid training session or game, you need to spend more time than usual on your recovery as well. An extremist attitude will lead to burn-out and lots of missed games. You must monitor your body needs and adjust accordingly for optimal performance.

How can we help?

Amplify, is a brand from athletes, for athletes, and you can trust us to understand just what you need. You get the best equipment for both, faster recoveries, and performance enhancement. This, when coupled with your usual practice routine gives you the results you’ve been looking for. We give you a range of options to choose from. From our Phantom Mask to train your breathing muscles for increased performance, to our FlowPillow for easing up muscle tension and faster recovery. We have it all. 

We want to aid you in challenging yourself & boost up your training sessions; as well as help you sleep easy at night. In the world of sports, there’s enough to worry about, and your sore muscles before an important game shouldn’t be one of them. We want you to recover as soon as possible, and stay on top of things.

Let Amplify help you grow rapidly by transforming your recovery & training regime and build a sustainable career. Our goal is to help you be faster, stronger, and better each day. That is what drives this company!

So go on, set the bar higher and higher. We got this!



How investing in your growth & recovery can step up your game.