pies de flujo

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Flowfeet son plantillas premium diseñadas para aumentar la comodidad y reducir la posibilidad de dolor en los pies. Con una estructura única que canaliza el fluido natural a través de los pies, estas plantillas pueden ayudar a que todas las partes de su cuerpo funcionen al máximo.

Activa la circulación sanguínea y di adiós al dolor de pies: un producto que realmente da resultados.

Amor por tus pies

¿Estás de pie mucho en el trabajo? ¿O te esfuerzas los pies durante el ejercicio? Entonces Flowfeet es una manera fácil de aumentar la circulación sanguínea y ayudar a que los pies se recuperen más rápido.


Siéntese y tome algunas respiraciones profundas. Flowfeet masajea y calienta tus pies para que puedas descansar adecuadamente.


Our feet consist of about 66 joints, 214 ligaments, 38 different muscles and tendons, and 25% of all the body’s bones. At the same time, it is the part of the body that we put the most load on. Do not your feet deserve a little massage?

Massages, hugs and warms your feet

Three different programs and strengths

Air cleaner and washable inside.




Jessica Samuelsson
Professional football player, Flowlife Ambassador

“Flowlife’s products are a great complement for me, as my body responds well to active recovery. The products help to maximize my recovery between matches.”

Anthony Yigit
Professional boxer, Flowlife Ambassador

“With the help of Flowlife, I have gained an insight into what a good recovery means. With Flowpillow heat, I have my own personal masseuse in my bag wherever I go.”

Farhiya Abdi
Professional basketball player, Flowlife Ambassador

“Flowlife has without a doubt given me the best recovery, so that I can perform at the highest level! Their products have really taken good care of my body.”

Binta Drammeh
Professional basketball player, Flowlife Ambassador

“To have my Flowpillow and Flowgun at the gym and on trips has helped me a lot with my recovery, and I thank Flowlife for that.”

Petronella Ekroth
Professional football player

“As a professional football player, I am very grateful for Flowlife’s products (especially the massage pillow – LOVE IT !!) that helps me in my recovery and to be able to perform at the top every day!”

Thobias Montle
Professional long jumper, Flowlife Ambassador

“I mainly use Flowgun and Flowroller when it comes to approaching competition or important training. This helps me to relax tense muscles and make the body feel ready for world-class performance.”


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