Couple of days in life of Fabian Sporkslede

Fabian Sporkslede

After spending time with my family in the summer break which I really enjoyed I couldn’t wait for the new season to start. My first couple of months in Israel were a succes where both the team and myself reached our goals. From experience I know that a good pre season can be the pillar to be ready physically for a long season ahead. Mentally I prepared myself for a hot pre season as the temperatures in Israel can be really high in the summer. As always I like to keep a certain fitness level with gym work at Fysiomed and doing running in the Amsterdam forest.

In the summer break there was time to meet up with Bjorn and discuss where Amplify was and where we want go. I was able to do some sales, meetings and create content. Also thinking ahead I wanted to bring together all the products we believe in to bring them with me to Israel. In the end that can make a couple procent difference. Better recovery is more training. And practice gives you a change to make everything out of your career. And that always is the goal.

When I arrived in Tel Aviv there were directly a lot of complications outside the pitch. As i hoped the following morning at the training ground there were some changes but a lot of familiar faces. That really gave the feeling that we could build on what the team achieved last season. I noticed the complications were directly causing distractions mentally but still I managed to focus on the goal of pre season forming a good foundation for the season ahead.

27 August, Hapoel Tel Aviv - Bnei Sakhnin

The first game of the season against Maccabi Haifa got cancelled because of there qualifiers for the Champions League. As always the first game is something you look forward to all pre season and with the extra week even more so. I felt ready and excited and we started the game good and quickly scored the 0-1. After 30 min I had a 1vs1 and something felt wrong. Couple minutes after I was subbed off with a knee injury. What a disappointing start.


After a week we diagnosed the injury and fortunately the advices the doctor gave me were to start with using the Gameready to help the knee recover. After that it was using the compex to strengthen the quads. These were the Amplify equipment I took with me to Israel. In this way I didn’t waste time. When I could build up the cardio after a couple weeks of inactivity the Normatec helped my legs recover faster to be able to work every day.

Last steps

The transition from training alone to training with the team is for every player a really good feeling. The challenge is that your body needs getting used to different dynamics and intensity. The Normatec was really important because with every new stimulus the body needs the recovery time. Sometimes for me it was cause for a setback. My knee got swollen or warm now and then. When I used the Gameready the amount of time I lost got reduced with sometimes a day what allowed me to step it up. Using all the Amplify products at a daily bases was necessary and being focussed on your body also adds confidence. When you do everything in your hands then its easier to let go. Thats one of reasons why Amplify is so important. At the moment Im feeling very good playing games and enjoying football. Very much focused on doing the work in combination with the recovery. In the end I will be exactly where Gods want me to be.
Couple of days in life of Fabian Sporkslede