Privacy Policy

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Why do we process your data?
  • 3. What data do we collect?
  • 4. Security
  • 5. Who has access to your data?
  • 6. Questions and exercise of your rights

1. Introduction

We are Amplify Sport Equipment.  Amplify Sport Equipment is aware that you value your privacy and therefore we will always process your personal data in accordance with the law. Pursuant to the law, we are responsible for the processing, protection and security of your personal data. In this privacy statement we will explain how we do this.

This privacy statement shall apply to all processing of customer data by Amplify Sport Equipment BV

2. Why do we process your data?

Amplify Sport Equipment processes your personal data for a number of reasons. In this paragraph we will explain these reasons.

  • Amplify Sport Equipment processes your personal data to the extent necessary within the context of the performance of agreements which we conclude with you. For instance: the delivery of the items ordered by you. We usually engage the services of third parties in this regard (such as parcel carriers). For this reason, Amplify Sport Equipment may communicate with you, for example to keep you informed on the progress of the delivery.
  • We process your data within the context of making available the functions of our website or other products and services. One of the things we make available to you is a dashboard so that you can have a look at your previous purchases and change your preferences.
  • We will process your personal data to the extent necessary to process and collect payments. For the processing of these data we engage the services of an intermediary who processes the payments on our behalf.
  • We process your data within the scope of our business operations, for example to maintain our financial administration.
  • Amplify Sport Equipment likes to keep you informed on news about our products and services and about other relevant developments, such as events. For this purpose we can keep data to maintain a customer relationship with you, for instance by sending you marketing communications, like our newsletters.
  • We also think it is important to have a better understanding of who our customers are and to adjust our products and services accordingly. We may therefore use your data for market analysis.
  • We also process your data to customize the website to your preferences, web activity or interests. You will provide us with this information (in the event of preferences) or we conclude this from your behaviour during your visits to our website. This way, we can remember, amongst other things, your choice of language or ensure that we show you products that are in line with your previous purchases.
  • We may be obliged to process data in order to meet a statutory requirement.

3. What data do we collect?

For the above-mentioned purposes we collect the following data.

  • Personal data, such as your first name and last name.
  • Contact data, such as your e-mail address, telephone number and address.
  • Login details, such as user name and password
  • Purchase history, such as price, product and purchase date.
  • Payment data, such as transaction history, outstanding claims, bank account number, creditcard data.
  • Correspondence, such as communications with our customer service or marketing communications.
  • Preferences, such as choice of language and e-mail preferences.
  • Technical data, such as IP address, cookies, log files.
  • Statistics on the use of the website, such as how many times certain pages are visited and which products are the most popular.
  • Interests, such as what (kind of) products you look at the most and on which advertisements you click.

Other personal data you provide to us

It may occur that you provide other data to us than the categories mentioned above, for instance with regard to communications of the customer service or when filing a complaint. In that case, we shall process these data to the extent necessary to deal with and handle your request or complaint.

4. Security

We shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect against unauthorized access and other unlawful processing, and therefore we shall take all statutorily required security measures. For instance, Amplify Sport Equipment will secure your data during transmission over the Internet – by means of Transport Layer Security (TLS) – and during storage on our systems. We will encrypt the storage of passwords so that no-one – not even Amplify Sport Equipment itself – will be able to read them. If we engage third parties to process personal data on our behalf, we will ensure that they are contractually obliged to take appropriate security measures.

5. Who has access to your data?

Our personnel can only access your data to the extent necessary within the scope of the performance of their work. Each Amplify Sport Equipment employee who can access your data has signed a confidentiality agreement. If we engage a third party to process your data on our behalf (for instance, for processing a payment) we always ensure that they are contractually obliged to keep your data secret and to secure it in an appropriate manner.

Data outside the European Union

In principle, Amplify Sport Equipment processes your personal data in the European Union. However, it may occur that we use the services of third parties that are established outside the EU, for instance in the United States. Countries outside the EU do not always have the high level of protection applicable within the Union. If we pass data to countries outside the EU we will always do so in accordance with the strict, statutory requirements that apply in this regard.

6. Questions and exercise of your rights

Should you have any questions about the processing of your personal data after having read this privacy statement, you can use the below-mentioned contact details to contact us. You can also use these contact details if you wish to exercise your statutory right to inspect your personal data and your right to correction and protection.